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Ballet Dancers

Apply for the Pre-Professional Program

Placement in this program is by audition only and geared to the serious dance student who possesses a genuine desire to progress in conservatory ballet and other dance disciplines. 


To request entry to our academic-year program, please read the following instructions thoroughly to complete the application for program consideration. 


Complete a video audition

(current students may substitute with annual jury evaluation)

CLICK HERE to view an example audition video.

Video Audition Guidelines

The student's audition video should be 10-15 minutes long and showcase the steps and combinations outlined below. For the pointe section, students should perform any combinations they can do in a safe and controlled manner. It is perfectly acceptable to skip combinations or omit the pointe section entirely if a student is not currently on pointe. Omitting the pointe section will not disqualify any students from attending the program. The pre-professional program is designed for students ages 8-18. Younger students’ acceptance will be based on demonstrated potential and not current skill level.


  1. Dress: All students should be in practice clothing. Girls in a leotard and tights; Boys in a white shirt and black tights, pants, or shorts.

  2. Space: Audition videos do not need to be filmed in a studio and points will not be taken away from students using a non-traditional dance space. Students should use whatever space they have available to them in which they can safely demonstrate the necessary steps and combinations.

  3. Filming: Videos should be filmed horizontally and should show the dancer's entire body at all times (no close-up shooting).

  4. Age: Students should complete the appropriate combinations based on their current age when filming the video, not the age they will be when attending the program.


Barre Exercises (all ages):

All should be very simple combinations.

  • Two demi-pliés and one grand plié in first, second, fourth, and fifth positions (one side)

  • Tendu (both sides)

  • Frappé (both sides)

  • Rond de Jambe à terre (both sides), en l’air for ages 11+  (both sides)

  • Développé (both sides)

  • Grand Battement (both sides)


Center Exercises:

All should be very simple combinations.

  • Abbreviated Adagio (ages 8-10), Incorporate grand plie in first and développé

  • Adagio (ages 11+), Incorporate developé à la seconde, arabesque, promenade

  • Pirouettes (ages 8-10), Single pirouette (both sides)

  • Pirouettes (ages 11+), From fourth and fifth position, single and double

  • Abbreviated Allegro (ages 8-10), Sauté and changement

  • Allegro (ages 11+), Jeté, sissone, and assemblé

  • Waltz (ages 11+), Incorporate waltz turn

  • Grand Allegro (ages 11+), Incorporate saut de chat and tour jeté

  • Boys (ages 8-10), Big jump

  • Boys (ages 11+), Tour en l’air (single or double)


Point Exercises (optional):

Students under the age of 11 are not to submit this portion of the audition. 

  • Relevé (ages 11+), First and second position

  • Échappé (ages 11+), To second and fourth position 

  • Pirouettes (ages 13+), Single or double pirouette

  • Piqué Turn (ages 13+)

  • Fondu Développé to Relevé (ages 13+), Devant and Arabesque

Upload Your Video

DO NOT SEND VIDEOS VIA EMAIL. Please upload your audition video to a video hosting website such as YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, or Google Drive. Please ensure the following criteria are met:

  1. Visibility is set to “Unlisted” (YouTube) 

  2. Audience is set as “No, it’s not made for kids” (YouTube)

  3. Please remove all password protection to view the video.

  4. Set the title of your video to “BAPA 2023 Audition Video”

  5. Copy your video link to be referenced in the application form below


Complete the Application

4 spots remaining for the 2023-2024 season

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