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Bridgeman Academy Courses

Below is a full list of all courses offered across all skill and age levels.

Before you book, please make sure you register for the season and book the correct course for your student's age or skill level. 

*For optimal registration and booking experience, view on your desktop.


Full Course List

About Age Recommendations

At Bridgeman Academy we offer advanced classes for students pursuing excellence in their art. These higher level classes are titled "Level 2, Level 3...etc." We also offer classes for students who are taking the classes recreationally or who are needing extra practice in order to advance into the proper level for their age group. These classes are titled "Pre-Teen" and "Teen." If you are unsure which classes would be best for your child, contact us to set up a meeting or trial class and our instructors can help find the level that best suits your student!

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